7430 & 7460 Heather Street (Reiderman Residence)

In an effort to address the effects of the homelessness crisis in Vancouver, the City of Vancouver is working alongside the provincial government and BC Housing to build 600 units of Temporary Modular Housing on vacant sites across the city.  As part of this initiative, the Pearson Dogwood site was selected because it was waiting to be redeveloped and allowed for quick connections to water, sewer, and hydro for tenants to move into homes quickly.

This development, called Reiderman Residence, consists of two 3-storey temporary modular buildings with each containing 39 units.  14 suites are designed to accommodate persons with accessibility requirements, which feature customized layouts and user-friendly adaptive designs.  Features include private bathrooms and kitchens, shared laundry, and communal amenity spaces (indoor and outdoor).

Both buildings are being managed by Community Builders Group, an experienced supportive and low-income housing provider with 15 years of experience in Vancouver’s urban core area specializing in tenant support for persons with a variety of needs.  This site has a Community Advisory Committee (CAC) that includes community members, parent advisory Council individuals, and others representing community interests.