Partnering with VAHA

VAHA assembles different project partnerships for each of our developments. Our partners are exploring innovation at all phases of the development process, from financing models, design and architecture, construction techniques, right through to building operations to build a better end product.

We are excited to be partnering with VAHA and Marcon with a new model to deliver greater affordability to more Vancouverites."

– Robert Brown, President of Catalyst Community Developments Society
Investment Partners

Our investment partners are focused on improving the financial system that our projects are developed under. One of the most important and under-utilized components of delivering greater affordability is in how a project is financed. We are currently seeking partners to consider innovative, low-risk financial models.

Development Partners

Our development partners are involved in a variety of phases of work from design right through to construction. There is room for improved efficiencies and new models throughout this work, including modular construction techniques, design for families, materials and technology, and urban planning.

Community Partners

Our community partners are concerned and focused on the life of our projects once they are complete. Some of these partners are bringing their own land to our partnerships and working with us to find a meaningful place in the finished project. Others are involved in the operations of projects as they have experience and expertise working with an existing community.