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Creating homes for people who live and work in Vancouver

Our vision is for all Vancouver residents to have access to affordable, safe, quality homes

As the largest affordable housing developer in Vancouver, VAHA liaises with partners to create below-market housing options on City-owned land.

Using innovative building techniques and unique partnerships, VAHA is focused on building high quality rental housing for individuals and families on low to moderate incomes across Vancouver.

Our mandate is to deliver 2,500 new affordable homes by 2021. Currently, VAHA has 2,288 units under development, which excludes 600 modular units scheduled to complete in 2018.

“Affordable housing is our number one priority – everyone in Vancouver should have somewhere safe and secure they can call home. Innovative housing solutions are crucial in providing homes that are accessible to all people to ensure our residents can stay living and working in the city.”

– Mayor Kennedy Stewart

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What we are doing

VAHA works with communities and partners to design, build, fund, and operate rental homes for households in the low to moderate income brackets and those on government assistant income. The Agency also addresses other identified need that is not being met by the private market alone. We do this by securing innovative funding sources and partnerships with private investors and other levels of government to fund construction and management of affordable housing.

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